2021 Ford Transit Hero

Can the Ford Transit Make a Good Camper Van?

Growing in popularity, the Ford Transit van is becoming a popular choice to those converting camper vans because of its exceptional value. Ford produces the Ford Transit for several years now and it has been a popular choice among fleets. These Ford Transit Van’s usually have a high-roof which makes them great candidates to be customized into camper vans.

Available with plenty of options straight from the factory such as available all-wheel drive, and heightened roof options. While many opt for a Sprinter van, Ford Transit vans offer an affordable solution without sacrificing capability. For those looking to wander, there are over 3,000 Ford dealerships across the US, making it extremely easy to find parts or service no matter where you go. Ford Transit vans offer commercial-grade dependability, comfort and connectivity. The Ford Transit is a truly versatile platform that can be made into a camper van for those who want to explore America from the road.

While Ford Transit offers plenty of options straight from the factory, there are a lot of aftermarket products available as well to make your Ford Transit camper van dream possible. One example would be Ford Transit roof rack systems to carry your kayak, mountain bikes or skis. Wether you are converting the van yourself or looking for conversion outfitter, the For Transit offers a solid, and highly customizable template to start with.

Over the past few years, many professionals have realized their office can be just about anywhere, given they have access to the internet. New Ford Transit vans are available with FordPass Connect, which is a 4G LTE in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot, powered by AT&T. Rather than searching the internet for a neat zoom background, imagine taking that next team meeting in Yosemite Valley with Half Dome behind you.

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