Bronco National Parks

Ford Bronco Joins the Fight Against Wildfires

As the threat of wildfires continues to loom large, Ford Motor Company and the Bronco Wild Fund are taking action. In a significant move to support the firefighting efforts, they have generously donated a powerful Bronco Badlands® SUV equipped with the Sasquatch® off-road package to the National Park Service. This remarkable vehicle will serve as a firefighting command center at Bandelier National Monument, aiding in the management and containment of wildfires.

The Bronco wildland firefighting command rig follows in the footsteps of the Bronco + Filson Wildland Fire Rig Concept, showcasing Ford’s dedication to supporting our public lands. The donation is made possible through the Ford Bronco Wild Fund, an organization that strives to enhance access, preservation, and stewardship of our natural treasures. This fund epitomizes Ford’s profound respect for our public lands and unwavering dedication to ensuring they remain a wonderland for all. Since its inception, the Bronco Wild Fund has already donated over $3.7 million to diverse causes, including renowned organizations like America’s State Parks, National Forest Foundation, Outward Bound, and Sons of Smokey. 

Situated in the northern reaches of New Mexico, Bandelier National Monument covers an expansive 33,000 acres. Located just a two-hour drive north of Albuquerque, this mesmerizing landscape boasts rugged canyons, majestic mesas, and significant historical artifacts such as petroglyphs and cliff dwellings. The area has witnessed human presence dating back over 11,000 years, making it a cherished site of cultural and archaeological importance. Nestled in the transition zone of the high desert in the American Southwest, Bandelier National Monument serves as an ideal environment for studying the rapid effects of climate change. Unfortunately, the park has been grappling with an increasing number of wildfires due to an elongated fire season.

With two-thirds of Bandelier designated as wilderness, the lack of infrastructure poses a significant challenge to firefighting efforts. That’s where the Bronco wildland firefighting command rig steps in, bolstering Bandelier’s fire fleet and expanding their capabilities. The donation of this cutting-edge vehicle marks the first of two Broncos being developed by Darley for the National Park Services and a yet-to-be-announced wildland firefighting agency. This pilot program aims to address unmet needs by providing a command center with reliable connectivity and facilitating the acquisition and sharing of critical information among firefighters.

Darley, a globally recognized manufacturer and distributor of defense, fire, and rescue vehicles, has undertaken the customization of the Bronco command rig. The vehicle is equipped with an impressive array of equipment that will aid in active fire monitoring, fire identification, real-time updates on fire location and severity, and overall firefighting support. This cutting-edge technology will enable firefighters to tackle wildfires more efficiently and mitigate their impact on the environment.

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